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E2 is an IE based, tabbed web browser with -- a built-in Collection Tool that lets you browse the web, collect audio clips, video clips, image files, web snippets, and download files - quickly and effectively -- a built-in Media Player that allows you to listen to your favorite music, watch movie, or play a slide show while you are surfing, all in the same interface.

As an Internet Browser - E2 offers:

  • View multiple web pages in the same window or tabbed windows

  • There is no limit on how many tabs you can have open at the same time, it depends on your computer hardware and the content of web pages

  • Ability to control annoying popup windows

  • Block popup windows but doesn't interfere the normal opening a new window

  • Script error suppression

  • Content Filter with password protection for parental control

  • User definable search engine

  • Mouse gestures, one-key shortcuts

  • Type a word or phrase in the address bar to start a search using your   favorite search engine

  • Ability to clean up at program shutdown by purging temporary Internet files, typed URLs, History and Cookies, temporary Window files

  • Open multiple web sites by one-click

  • Create groups of pages and open by group

  • Resources sharing for easy to manage and to save disk space by using Favorites, History lists of  Internet Explorer

  • Designed to give you maximum space on your display to view your web pages - menus, toolbars can be hidden

  • ...

As a Collection Tool - E2 offers:

  • An effective way to gather information from the web. The collection tool is divided into 6 categories: Audio, Video, Image, Web Snippet, Link, Download File. Each category has its own Playlist, and options to pickup things in a web page with just one click.

  • A reading tool that allows you to highlight text directly into the web page you are reading and the highlight will remain visible on the print-out.

  • Automate the process of downloading files from the web

  • ...

As a Media Player - E2 offers:

  • Listen to the music or watch a movie in a corner of your display while you surfing

  • Organize music/video/image files into Playlist

  • View web pages, images in a slide show

  • Support many standard audio/video/image file formats

  • ...

And many more ...



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