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E2 2.0 - Version History

Build 900

  • Added: Support for Mouse XButtons (Back and Forward)

  • Fixed: Error with scroll bars in auto arrange mode.

  • Fixed: Error with the focus when downloading files.

Build 806

  • Fixed: Scroll-bars failed to display when re-use a tab that scroll-bars were turned off by previous web page.

  • Fixed: Failed to close tab with built-in Close button in web page.

  • Fixed: Failed to display network folders in browse dialog boxes.

  • Added: click on ADD LINKS... buttons in Play-Lists with the right-mouse button will add all links from open-tabs (before it only added links from the active tab).

Build 785

  • Added: Double-click on tab to close tab

  • Fixed: Closed E2 by system menu

  • Added: F5 is set to do REFRESH by default

  • Performance tuneup

  • ...

Build 645

  • Added: Option to turn off Mouse Gesture (Preference window)

Build 630

  • Fixed: Errors at the end of playlist while downloading multiple pictures simultaneously.

  • Fixed: GDI memory leaks.

Build 596

  • Added: Right-Click Menus to buttons: Open Search, Open Start Page, Open Email, Open Folder at lower right corner.

  • Added: Ability to switch between collection tools from Tool menu.

  • Fixed: Failed to display the selected playlist with View menu.

Build 585

  • Added: Support for Mouse Gestures.

  • Fixed: Failed to hide the toolbar when viewing movie in full size mode.

Build 575

  • Added: Option to open Favorites and History in a new tab. This option is set by default and can be changed in the Preferences window.

Build 570

  • Fixed: Popup windows did not resize correctly.

Build 566

  • Fixed: Download file and download in background operations failed to run due to missing DATA directory. For people who downloaded E2 2.0 Build 565, you do not need to download build 566 - but please create a folder name "DATA" in E2 program directory ("C:\Program Files\VNCom\E2 Browser\"  if you used default setup) to correct this problem and accept our apology for the inconvenience.

E2 1.0 - Version History

Build 666

  • Added: Create desktop shortcut to the current page by dragging the icon from the Address bar to the Desktop.

  • Added: Send Shortcut to Desktop to the File menu.

  • Added: Send Link by Email to the File menu.

  • Added: New dialog to handle Add Favorites...

  • Added: Undo Close to the options that can be assigned to a Function key. This new option will restore up to the last 5 closed tabs.

Build 645

  • Fixed: Flickering problem on tabs when opening a group of web sites.

  • Fixed: Error in navigation after changing security level for internet zone.

  • Fixed: Error in View Collection in Windows 2000.

  • Added: Extending support for multiple languages with language files.

Build 625

  • Fixed: Error in opening new window when popup is set to disable.

  • Added: Support for multiple languages with language files.

Build 605

  • Fixed: Error with the volume control - unable to adjust after playing the first song.

  • Fixed: Wrong status displayed while playing Audio/Video file.

  • Fixed: Navigation error when open a web site with File - Open while playing a slideshow.

Build 603

  • Added: Extended File - Open to support Internet Shortcut and E2 Playlist.

  • Added: Open Playlist file (.E2P extension) on double-click.

Build 588

  • Fixed: A leak on Disable Script Error module.

Build 587

  • Fixed: Navigation errors on some web sites that required authentication.

Build 583

  • Fixed: Error "E21.dat is missing or corrupted".




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